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Quality Coals

Stable & Reliable Coal Resources

Binuang Mitra Bersama Blok Dua establishes as a trustworthy and reputable company since it inception. Not only do we providing adequate best coal quality, but also technical assistance and customer satisfaction service.

Our end to end supply chains facility are from mine to transshipment area its allow us, to deliver the best end product for our clients. Operating under strict code of operational excellence, we are committed to always providing coals that are adjacent to the applicable standard and procedure.

Our Assets

2,280.44 ha

Mining Area

<800,000 MT

Coal production per month

4200-4000 GAR

Coal specifications



ADB - Air-Dried Basis
In coal sample analysis, ADB neglects the presence of moistures other than inherent moisture while DB (dry-basis) leaves out all moistures, including surface moisture, inherent moisture, and other moistures.

ARB - As-Received Basis
In coal sample analysis, ARB puts all variables into consideration and uses the total weight as the basis of measurement. ARB is the most widely used basis in industrial applications.

GAR - Gross As Received
Thermal coal is quoted on a GAR basis, except for Europe/ARA, Richards Bay 6,000 kcal/kg, and Japan and Korea West CIF, which are quoted on a NAR (Net As Received) basis.

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Work Process

Binuang Mitra Bersama Blok 2 strictly supervises the process from mining sites, stockpiling, until the coals are ready to be transported and distributed via vessels. Refer to our work process to see how we are handling our coals.

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