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Work Together,
Success Together

Binuang Mitra Bersama Blok Dua is a part of Mitra Cakrawala International group which was established in 1996 by Winarman Halim. In 2011 the group expanded its business into a coal producer which is focusing in South Kalimantan province

At this time we are one of the growing coal mining companies in South Kalimantan and directly contributing to the city’s economic development and social welfare. Our specialty is on GAR 4200 Kcal/kg coal product.


To become one of the most reliable companies in the nation and continuously growing to serve the best coals for the Indonesian people and businesses.



Giving the best services possible.


Thriving for operation excellence.


Working with a motto of “Work together, success together”


Values and Strengths

Integrity Based on Professionalism

We are devoted to offering high-quality coals in accordance with our professional ideals


We have given our all to providing coal and are committed to make it a profitable commercial venture

Respect and Synergy

We value our customers and are committed to a group effort in establishing a long-term partnership.

Excellent Services

We provide excellent services that are tailored to your specific requirements

Strive For The Best Result

We constantly aim for the finest quality and are dedicated to achieving the greatest possible outcome

A Word From The Chairman

Binuang Mitra Bersama Blok 2 will never stop growing and exploring. And to always give the best possible values to all of our stakeholders in the spirit of WORK TOGETHER, SUCCESS TOGETHER.

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